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Attorney Shane R. Kadlec has the experience and legal team necessary to handle a wide variety of personal injury claims in the Houston, TX, area, including motor vehicle accidents, work injuries, catastrophic accidents, and accidental gun shootings. In any of these cases, it is imperative that you have strong legal counsel with extensive experience. Shane Kadlec has expansive knowledge and experience in each of these areas, and he can provide you with the representation you need.Contact the Law Office of Shane R. Kadlec today to schedule a consultation.

Practice Areas

Shane Kadlec can handle an array of different personal injury claims to meet the varying needs of his clients. In addition to the practice areas listed below, he can also assist with medical malpractice claims. Continue reading to learn more about the different areas of personal injury law.

Shane Kadlec can handle an array of different personal injury claims to meet the varying needs of his clients.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Picture of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury. They are also complex, especially when multiple vehicles are involved. Shane Kadlec can help clients successfully pursue compensation following:

Car accidents can be complex. An experienced car accident attorney can uncover all sources of compensation for your accident.

Catastrophic Accidents

Picture of Catastrophic Accident

Catastrophic accidents are sudden and often cause permanently debilitating injuries. These accidents can take place under a variety of different circumstances. Victims of catastrophic accidents may suffer severe injuries, including:

An injury is generally considered catastrophic when there will be long-term, serious effects for the victim and the victim’s family.

Premises Liability

Picture of Slip and Fall Accident

Accidents and injuries that take place on another party’s property are considered premises liability. In these cases, the property owner is liable for any injuries that occur on his or her property due to negligence in maintaining the property. Premises liability cases can involve accidents that occur on commercial properties, such as in a grocery store, or in residential properties, such as the home of a friend or in an apartment complex. They can also include injuries sustained from dog bites on private property.

Work Injury

Picture of Work Injury

Accidents that happen in the workplace can cause serious injuries that leave the victim unable to work for extended periods of time. Shane Kadlec can assist injured workers in the following industries:

Civil Litigation

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In cases of business torts, contract claims, and property claims, we assist clients in seeking legal remedies, or damages, for harm suffered. Civil litigation claims can include non-injury cases such as non-payment of a loan or defense against defamation. Shane Kadlec can also provide representation in insurance coverage disputes, such as those involving homeowners or life insurance.

Accidental Gunshots

Picture of Child with Gun

Accidental gunshots are more and more common today. They can cause severe wounds and even death. These accidents can occur due to improper training, reckless handling, lack of training, and more. Shane Kadlec can help victims of accidental gunshots hold the negligent party responsible for damages.

Accidental gunshots are supremely dangerous to unsuspecting victims, who are often children.

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